Shedhorn Sports in Ennis, MT-the original Rapid Rifle Covers partnership story!

Shedhorn Sports is one of the largest firearms dealers' in the nation. Located near the scenic Madison River in Ennis, MT, Shedhorn Sports was also the first retailer to give Rapid Rifle Covers a shot.

Rob Gallentine, an avid hunter and horse-outfitter, opened Shedhorn Sports in 1979. Known for the annual Hunters' Rendezvous each August, Shedhorn has an amazing selection of firearms and outdoor clothing.

In 2014, Rapid Rifle Covers was newly founded. Owner, Brett Jones, met with Rob to gage his interest in Rapid Rifle Covers. Both Rob and Brett share a mutual love of backcountry hunting in Southwest Montana. 

Rob gave Rapid Rifle Covers a chance, on that day, back in 2014. The rest, they say, is history.

We are proud to partner with Shedhorn Sports! Buy Rapid Rifle Covers and Bear Spray Holsters direct at the Ennis, MT location or online at