Elevated Protection



The fastest, most durable, and lightest rifle cover on the market.


It takes less than a second to remove a Rapid Rifle Cover. You'll never miss another hunting opportunity again!


We use 500 Cordura for exceptional water/element protection. All our products are hand-sewn near Bozeman, Montana, USA.


Every ounce matters when you are in the back country. Rapid Rifle Covers weigh less than less than 5 ounces.


Bear Spray Holsters

Every second is crutial when a bear is charging.


Rifle Covers

A wide variet of designs and sizes.


Zippered Game Bags

No more dirty meat. No more ripped bags.



I just used it on a snowy mule deer hunt in north central Montana. Never had to worry about plugging my barrel or my scope. It will be invaluable on winter coyote hunts this year.

Matt Wemple

This is hands down the best scope cover I have seen. You should have some more orders from my friends who were with me.

Jim Heider

The protection of barrel and scope in one product is brilliant. Thanks agin for the great design on the cover.

Michael Goicoechea

Its a great asset in keeping the barrel, action area and scope clean.  It is quick and easy to use.  It is on the rifle right up to taking the shot.  I highly recommend it!

Bill S.

Hunting Season has been going well.  I love the Cover and actually purchased two more at Shedhorn Sports (Ennis, MT).  I sent them to my good friends in Washington. They love them too!

Beau Taylor

After seeing the Covers and using them, I can see where they would be ideal for hunting sheep in Alaska.

Stacey Hunt

I've been extremely pleased with the Rapid Rifle Covers!  They are quick and easy--and fit both of my rifles great!

Cole Dallaserra

The Covers worked great, especially with the weather we were having-snow, rain and sleet.

Ruckus Brucker

Thank you for making a Cover that is more than worth its weight!  No matter what the changing conditions I might run into, I know my Rapid Rifle Cover will have me covered!

Dylan Dowson


Rapid Rifle Covers was founded to provide sportsmen and women with innovative, high quality products – designed to enhance the outdoor experience. Durability and simplicity are the driving forces behind Rapid Rifle Covers by Beartooth Products.


Rapid Rifle Covers by Beartooth Products
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