The call of the coyote

Hunting coyotes is my husband's true passion.  An avid bowhunter, Brett believes  predator control is critical to healthy deer and elk population. Most of all, he admires and appreciates these incredible beings.

Smarter than most, coyotes have managed to not only survive--but thrive-- in almost any environment.  From an urban city to a sagebrush prairie, coyotes continue to flourish when others have moved toward extinction.  Their scrappy brilliance and adaptation is what makes them so difficult and exciting to hunt.

Over the past 20+ years, Brett has learned their mighty ways.  He has studied them, perfecting his call and setup. He has rifle hunted them and successfully shot them with a bow. Even with tremendous skill, coyotes remain elusive and difficult to hunt.

Brett shared this photo (above) after a recent hunt.  With only three legs, the coyote must have faced tremendous adversity in the wild.  She was, however, incredibly healthy and robust.

 The resilient and cunning coyote--truly an exceptional animal.