Llamas-Your Secret Hunting Weapon

Have you ever wondered why certain guys, year after year, successfully bowhunt elk on public land?  Forget expensive gear--llamas will bring your hunt to the next level.

Llamas are designed for backcountry hunting.  With a split foot--llamas are able to access terrain that most other stock cannot.  Hunting in Southwest Montana (our neck of the woods) is tough with so much hunting pressure.  A llama will help you get to where you want to be--and where the elk/mountain goats/big horn sheep are too.

Llamas are low maintenance. A cousin to the camel, llamas need very little food and water.  If packed correctly, hiking with a llama is easier than walking a border collie.  Pasture for a llama is minimal.  Llamas also have a sweet, easy temperament.

Pound for pound a llama can carry more weight than other stock. Wall tents to bows, antlers to meat--llamas can and will carry it all.

Take hunting to the next level, hunt with a llama.