Paying It Forward

Cleaning out your freezer to make room for this season's elk?  Harvested that trophy buck and you don't have room for the meat? Consider sharing your bounty with those less fortunate.

48 million Americans do not have enough food. That is one out of every seven people.  Many are children.  In Montana alone 48,000 children go to bed hungry.

Many local and state food bank organizations accept antelope, elk, deer, and bison for distribution to those that are food-insecure.  The first option includes taking frozen/packaged game to your nearest food bank.  The game must be professionally processed within the past two years (for food safety reasons).

The other option is even easier and involves an innovative program called "Hunters Against Hunger."  First you check to see which processors in your local area participate (Google "Hunter's Against Hunger" and your state for specifics).  Then drop off your legally harvested game to a participating processor for free cutting/wrapping and distribution to those in need.

Perhaps Karma will take note of your generosity and give you a great shot at that monster bull elk!

Many thanks to the Gallatin Valley Food Bank, Montana Food Bank Network, and Feeding America for the info shared in this blog.