Bowhunting Widow

It's never good when your neighbor gives you a decorative sign that says, "We interrupt this marriage for bowhunting season." With a sweet kiss goodbye, he headed out into the wilderness to hunt elk.

In so many ways, I am thrilled.  Adventures with the kids are planned, a new book is purchased and the pantry is stocked with mac and cheese. Oh, the simple joy of not cooking!  Quiet evenings will be spent putting the kids to bed early and sipping a glass of red wine. 

Thoughts of a busy September also fill my mind. Soccer practice and homework-help make for long days. Challenges of past seasons include fussy babies, a broken refrigerator and raccoons eating almost all of our sweet corn.

I recently talked with a good family friend (and a fellow bowhunter).  He said, "What is important to understand is that bowhunting is good for a man's soul.  We get out, hunt and hike hard and return home with a smile on our face. It makes us better husbands and fathers."

Perhaps that is the biggest trophy.