The design of things

I try not to talk to about it much but my husband loves to sew.  Usually if I do, the awkward questions begin with "So, he loves to sew? That is so strange for a guy. What does he like to sew?" Or they may ask "Do you sew with him?"  The truth is, I have no idea how to run a sewing machine.  

Brett's favorite hobby has very little to do with sewing-- its about excellent design. Brett was born into a family filled with architects and artists.  Improvement, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit are part of their family culture.  

Brett is no different.  His desire to sew came out of a desperate need for outdoor gear that is just as tough as he is.  Many a late-night is spent at his sewing machine, improving his Rapid Rifle Cover or Bear Spray Holster.

Recently, our eight-year-old came to me with a design he had drawn up. It was for a rocket booster pack.  He planned to wear the pack to fly over a nearby farm.

"Great idea!" I said.  He remarked "Mom, not only is my plan awesome, but I have even contacted a manufacturer."  

He must be cut from the same cloth.