Friendship is the most important thing

Since Brett was five, he has had his best friend. The two played baseball, rode bikes, and pulled pranks on neighbor girls.  They relocated prairie dogs from a nearby field to a space under Brett's front porch.  They cast their fly rod with a Snoopy stuffed animal attached. With each cast, they tried to scare unsuspecting Trick-or-Treaters. They hiked and hunted endlessly. 

33+ years later, those wild little boys now are small-business owners, community members, husbands and fathers.  Yet their enduring friendship is still very much built around a love for the outdoors.

In a few weeks, Brett and his friend leave their busy careers and family obligations to head into the woods. They will do what they live for each and every year: bowhunting elk. They will hike their butts off, scout and call for each other and spend day after day exploring the backcountry.

It is unclear what will be more meaningful this season: an epic bow hunt or two best friends simply on another adventure.