Elk Hunting is in the Air

I can feel it in the air: Bowhunting Season.  As the end of a beautiful Montana summer draws to a close, the signs are all around me.  Cool and crisp mornings return, the leaves begin to change and night after night--my husband is outside meticulously shooting a target with his bow.

Friends call him frequently--discussing the month they live for each year: September.  Trips are planned and provisions are made. Another bowhunting DVD is watched.  Acquaintances stop by to talk Elk in the driveway.  New hunting pants are purchased.  Did you buy that box of freeze-dried meals, he asks?

Our llamas have even taken notice.  After packing throughout the summer, each of them are in top physical shape.  In a few short weeks, they will carry wall tents and sleeping bags, elk meat and bows. A lucky one will even carry the crown jewel: a set of antlers wrapped delicately around his body.  

Yes, September, you are in our midst.