The Importance of Conservation

Growing up hunting and fishing in Montana, our founder, Brett Jones, learned early about the need for conservation.  Many Sunday drives were spent exploring the backcountry of Southwest Montana with his siblings, parents and grandparents.  

A typical Sunday drive consisted of a picnic in the forest followed by some fishing.  Brett has fond memories of seeing the rough terrain where his maternal great-grandparents homesteaded raising sheep.   Other trips explored the country where his paternal grandparents logged by horse near Yellowstone Park.

At age 12, Brett took his first elk. Since that day, Brett has been passionate about the need for protecting what makes Montana amazing:  our stellar wilderness and the amazing wildlife that call it home.

Rapid Rifle Covers is proud to support the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. With each sale of a Rifle Cover or Bear Spray Holster, a portion will go to protecting critical elk habitat through the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  We hope you will consider supporting their efforts as well! Donate at: