Bear Spray Holster
Bear Spray Holster

Bear Spray Holster

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A true innovation in personal protection. Have bear spray ready and accessible at the critical moment you need it. Easily attaching to a belt or backpack - our Bear Spray Holster will allow you to quickly defend yourself.  

Bear spray can be activated in the holster itself, or by quickly pulling spray free from holster.  It is the only holster available that is truly ambidextrous - meaning it can be carried in any position (without the fear out it falling out of the Holster). The holster can be used with or without the safety bungee over the trigger. All holsters can be mounted in all directions including upside down for use on backpack straps.

Our Bear Spray Holsters fit tight around the neck of the spray but allow for instant removal. All Holsters can be mounted on up to 3" webbing and on all Molle webbing.

3 sizes available for best fit:

Small - Fits UDAP 7.9 oz and Counter Assault  8.1oz

Medium - Fits UDAP 9.2 oz

Large - Fits Counter Assault 10.1oz